Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow in the South

Everyone alert the church elders, it's snowing in the south!! I make fun of it so bad, but I definitely get excited when it snows. Living in Chicago (even for just a brief time) didn't make me sour to snow. I hated it there, but I love it here! I always managed to be walking to work in Chicago on the side of the street the snow plow hadn't cleaned yet (and since I was always late, I didn't have time to hang back and let him pass me) I love it in South Carolina. Maybe I'll make a snowman later! Here are some snow pictures of me and the Beans and Michael. Poor Beans's legs are too short to walk in snow, so he hops around. It's funny, but kind of sad because I think he's miserable doing it.



  1. ummmm when did beans get so big?!?

  2. I know! Isn't he huge? He was so much cuter as a baby. My mother probably says the same thing about me...