Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Huff girls

Okay this is my last Pictures in the Park preview! We had a rain delay a few weeks ago so I made their session up last week. I have already photographed these lovely girls, but this time their mother wanted to be in some! Mallory, Makenzie and Becky take amazing pictures!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Molly, Mary Madison, and Myla

These babies need no introduction. If you follow the LMP blog or even know me as a person, you understand my LOVE for this whole family. We did some pictures of Molly, Maddie, and Alanda, plus their precious cousin Myla, Myla's mom Alexa, and their Grandmothers, Yiayia Frances and Yiayia Mary. I love the greek term for grandmother! It was a fun, albeit a little hot, photo shoot. There were TONS of pics but I just wanted to give a quick peek!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Everett Mendenhall

It's a boy!! Meet baby Everett! I love this kid. He is the son of my friends Jake and Katrinka. They didn't find out the sex of Everett until he was born and it literally almost killed me. Everytime I saw them, I made the joke that I was going to call their doctor and pretend to be Katrinka so I could find out. I never did it but I was tempted. I thought it was a girl the whole time (for absolutely no reason, I just guessed) I'm sure glad he turned out to be such a handsome boy and I can't wait to babysit...hint hint, Katrinka.

Maya and Sofia

Okay after lots of research I have figured out the correct spelling of these precious baby's last name. Meet Sofia and Maya Kryshtalowych! Yeah, it took me a minute but what a cool name! Their mom is also a friend of my mom. I had so much fun literally chasing these girls with the camera! We sang songs, ran around, even stepped in an ant bed, but luckily no one had any bites. Their mom says its hard to get a picture of them smiling and standing still. I think I did okay, and it counted as my work out for the day. Check out these adorable pics!

Bush Children

Meet the Bush children, MeLena and JP. Their mother is my mother's dearest friend. We got some pictures at Hammond's Ferry and then took a boat ride to a little cove for some pictures. A pirate - no I'm not kidding, he was a pirate...but a friendly one - took us from our boat on his boat to the cove! It was a lot of fun but Mr. Pirate called me a wimp because I was scared of snakes and bugs. Obviously. Anyhow, we had a good time and here are some pictures!