Monday, May 21, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Keathley

Congrats to Kimberly and Kenny!!! They got married in March and it was such a FUN, awesome way to start off my 2012 wedding season. I have known Kimberly and her sweet family since I was 4 years old and I can't say how honored I was to get to shoot this wedding. They got their CD a few weeks after the wedding and haven't stopped talking about how much they love them! I cannot hear that enough. Wedding photography is a stressful job. It is a one shot deal - no second chances. There is so much pressure in the beginning but having customers like this makes it all worth it! Enjoy these pictures! I love reliving that fun day every time I look at them!

Natalie and Jon Michael are engaged!

Congrats to Natalie and Jon Michael! I was lucky to get to photograph their daughter, Brenna, because just a few days later was asked to shoot their October wedding! I love October weddings, and I definitely love this cute little family :) These are some of my favorite engagement pictures! LMP customers can probably guess why: the COLORS! I love when I photograph people wearing bright, warm colors. Makes for such fantastic pictures! Congrats to the Future Mitchells! Can't wait for October 27th!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cook Family

Meet the Cook family! 3 baby girls and one more on the way! What a lucky (not sure if I'm using that word correctly) dad!! How much fun would 4 precious little girls be??! Lots of fun for LMP since I will be the world's best wedding photographer by the time they all get married!! Cant wait to meet baby girl #4 soon!


How cute is little Bryce?! I love this boy and his sense of fashion! Who needs a shirt when you have a necktie? He has the warmest smile! I love happy babies and this boy is definitely one of them. Had a great time photographing him in all of his sweet outfits!

Baby Ford!

Meet Ford Padgett! He is newest addition to the Padgett family, making Sanders one happy big brother. I not only get to photograph this little guy but sometimes get to babysit him and he definitely makes me want a bunch of little day!! I'm not kidding folks, the Padgett boys are just the sweetest in the world! Love Ford and Sanders so much and can't wait to see them grow into such great guys!