Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back in Action

Hey there! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their family and friends. I know I did! It was very busy and very chaotic! I visited about 30 different places over the course of a week, but its all finally slowing down. I have gotten a new computer and set up an office space in my home, so I am ready to shoot your children! (Not literally, obviously...) I am taking a few pictures this week and some booked in the near future so hopefully the next time you visit, there will be more photographs to show off. Up next is my friend Julie's baby, James Banks. I haven't seen him since he was born, so today's session will be very special! Hopefully I'll get to see a lot more of him since they live right up the street, and I've offered my babysitting services :) Pics to be posted soon. Sorry for the holiday hiatus, but this blog is getting a little boring so I'll have some new stuff soon!


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